Bibiana Boerio knows the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania want government to work for them. Bibie grew up in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in Latrobe. She will fight to make our neighborhoods better places. She will fight to make sure that we strengthen our economy AND build a quality of life for our neighbors. She will work with people who can get things done.


Strengthen Our Economy – Now and for the Future

  • She will champion Job Growth that builds innovation, healthy families, and an environment we can be proud to hand on to our children.
  • Critical infrastructure improvements in roads, bridges and locks, and technology – building paths to revitalized communities
    • The interstate highway system was a strong driver of economic growth in the 50’s-60’s. Today, all of our communities need access to broadband technology.
  • Empowering PA-14 residents in all walks of life from students to union leaders to small business owners to senior citizens.
    • Believes in the power of education and training for life. She will champion affordable access to these tools that is right for the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania at each stage of their life.
    • Sees our educational institutions as assets to help strengthen our local economies – from the career and technical centers to the institutions of higher learning in each of our counties. She will work to leverage these assets for economic development now and in the future.


Build a Quality of Life for our Neighbors

  • She will champion Healthcare as a right. In the meantime, she supports strengthening the Affordable Care Act to its maximum potential. She knows it’s not perfect, and we can make it better. And we can’t wait for perfection; too many people need help now.
    • The fight against the opioid crisis is a good example of how economic and quality of life factors come together. We need an organized effort to address the underlying economic problems, stop prescription abuse, save lives through access to overdose reversal medicines, and make sure those who need help have the right care for the right amount of time.
  • Protecting Retirement Security and Medicare for our seniors. Her dad and mom benefitted from the Retirement Plans established by Kennametal and its UAW representation and from Medicare.
  • Believes that we inherited the earth and our environment. She will work to implement the Counties’ conservation priorities to preserve the region’s natural assets for the next generation.