The Right Choice For Our Neighborhood


What you need to know about Bibiana Boerio:
She likes to be called Bibie
She was born here and she went to school here.
She worked in other places and chose to come back here.
She can hit the ground running.
She will get things done.


What Are Bibie’s Roots?

  • Bibie is a native of Latrobe, PA, a graduate of Greensburg Central Catholic High, Seton Hill University of Greensburg, PA, and the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business.
  • Her father was a lifelong member of the UAW. He was a skilled tool-and-die maker at Kennametal, drove a school bus and owned a small business to support his family. Her mom was the core; she kept everyone fed, clothed, homework done on time, well behaved. Bibie learned the value of family, neighborhoods and of unions working with management.
  • After her father’s death in 2002, she bought and maintained a home with her mother in Latrobe, near the homes of one of her two brothers and one of her two sisters.


Where has Bibie led?

  • Bibie joined Ford Motor Company in 1976 as a Financial Analyst. During her 30+ years with Ford, she excelled in various finance, marketing, and strategy positions. Her promotions to top-level executive positions included Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Ford Motor Credit Company and Managing Director for Jaguar Cars, Ltd responsible for global brand development, sales and profitability. She led the global Jaguar team in developing the new Jaguar XF – the most successful and most awarded vehicle in Jaguar’s history.
  • After she retired from Ford, Bibie served as the Chief of Staff for Congressman Joe Sestak. She led development of Joe’s legislative policy, informing him and others on the Hill about the importance of a U.S.-based automotive industry and a strong financial services base. She also worked closely with health-care experts on the development of the Affordable Care Act. She fought to get a well-deserved Air Force flyover for an original Tuskegee airman at his funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.
  • She was nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as Director of the U.S. Mint. The Senate never acted on her nomination, however, and she returned to Westmoreland County.
  • From August 2013-May 2014, Bibie served as Interim President of Seton Hill University. She led the development of two new buildings, strengthened the links between the University and the regional community, and was the Griffins’ biggest fan.
  • She presently serves as a volunteer trustee on the Boards and Councils of many educational and community service organizations in SWPA. She is co-chair of the team planning the Saint Vincent College Library and Technology Hub. She also is Chair of the Adelphoi USA Finance Committee.


What Will Bibie Fight For?

  • She knows the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania want government to work for them. Bibie grew up in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in Latrobe. She will fight to make our neighborhoods better places. She will fight to make sure that we strengthen our economy AND build a quality of life for our neighbors. She will work with people who can get things done.


Why Should You Vote For Bibie?

  • Bibie is visionary, practical, and accomplished. She knows it takes hard work–not just words–to reach important goals.
  • Her entire career – in business, in government, and in education – has involved working with teams to solve complex problems. Through her experiences, she has important insights in establishing infrastructure priorities that are necessary to secure present jobs and to develop future jobs.
  • Her commitment to this community shows she will fight to improve the quality of life for our families and our neighbors, especially in jobs, healthcare, education, and retirement security.


So just remember:

  • She was born here and she went to school here.
  • She succeeded here and in other places.
  • She came back here.
  • She can hit the ground running.
  • She WILL get things done.